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The staff at Granite Mountain Charter school are passionate and collaborative mentors committed to providing our student body the very best education has to offer. They work with each and every family towards nurturing learners who are self-directed, outcome-oriented, leaders in their diverse society, inspired innovators, and digitally proficient.

Inland Empire West Team

Leadership Team

Amy Thompson Amy Thompson Regional Director


Jaime Grasmick Jaime Grasmick Regional Coordinator


Sandee Sanderson Sandee Sanderson Regional Coordinator


Javier Rivera Javier Rivera Assistant Director of Family Relations & Community Life


Homeschool Teachers

Tana Bettencourt Tana Bettencourt Homeschool Teacher

Katie Nelson Katie Nelson Homeschool Teacher

Kristin Buller Kristin Buller Homeschool Teacher

Kevin Vaughn Kevin Vaughn

Stephanie Carrillo Stephanie Carrillo Homeschool Teacher

Kelly Hart Kelly Hart

Janet Brinegar Janet Brinegar

Ashley Faria Ashley Faria Community Coordinator

Christina Steele Christina Steele Homeschool Teacher

Christina LeMaster Christina LeMaster Homeschool Teacher

Glenda Jarboe Glenda Jarboe

Stacy Sola Stacy Sola Community Coordinator

Sharon Hernandez Sharon Hernandez

Karissa Tarbell Karissa Tarbell Homeschool Teacher

Melissa Alemar Melissa Alemar Homeschool Teacher

Robert Waggoner Robert Waggoner Community Coordinator

Maria Kuhlberg Maria Kuhlberg Homeschool Teacher

Michelle Waggoner Michelle Waggoner

Briea Peace Briea Peace Homeschool Teacher

Rebecca Yancey Rebecca Yancey Homeschool Teacher

Debbie Shiba Debbie Shiba

Amber Johnson Amber Johnson Homeschool Teacher

Mary Harrison Mary Harrison Homeschool Teacher

Inland Empire East Team

Homeschool Teachers

Erika Viggers Erika Viggers Homeschool Teacher