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Our Family Relations & Community Life Department

The Family Relations & Community Life staff are committed to building a strong homeschool community by helping families discover their path on their own homeschool journey. Some of the ways they do this includes assisting our families with enrollment, planning field trips and events, support and encouragement for parents, and being active and present in our community. The Family Support Team is available to guide families every step of the way - from helping you find your why, to encouraging you to reach the peak, and every step in between! Check out the Team below!

Vanessa Pack
Vanessa Pack Family Support Specialist
Vanessa Pack

Vanessa Pack

Family Support Specialist

(760) 282-5397

With a lifelong dream of being an educator, Vanessa dedicated her life to reaching her goals of becoming a teacher. She completed an Associate of Arts in Natural Science, Associate of Science in Social Science, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, and her Master's of Education, Adult Educators, and Administrators, all while being a homeschooling mom.

She began homeschooling in 2000 and continues to grow in her ability to influence homeschooling families' lives positively. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She loves avocados, sunflowers, dragonflies, America, dolphins, dinner and a movie, etc. (This list could go on forever)!

Homeschooling has been one of the best choices for her family, and she will be here to support any family who is embarking on the homeschooling journey. She tells everyone, "When you choose Granite Mountain Charter School, you are never alone because there are so many eager members of our team ready to support you and your family!"